Vimeiro Thermal Centre is located just 45 minutes from Lisbon, in the town of Maceira, along the river Alcabrichel, an area heavily dominated by interesting geological features.


Fonte dos Frades thermal spring is known for their therapeutic properties due to the particularities of their physico-chemical composition - high mineralization (3200 mg/litre), and with chlorine--sodium-magnesium. Its characteristics are indicated for treatment of some diseases and programs that promote the well-being and health benefits in some diseases: skin, digestive tract, circulatory system and respiratory system.


Vimeiro Thermal Spa has at your disposal Classic Treatments (thermal therapies, inahalation therapies and physical therapies) and Wellness Treatments.


Reopen from 2019, June the 8th to September, the 25th


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Rua Fonte dos Frades, 2560-071 Maceira TVD 
T: (+351) 261 984 484